Personal OKRs - 2021

Software Development

Objective: Improve proficiency in web technologies (Q1)

Key Results


Objective: Improve writing consistency (Q1)

Key Results

  • Write 12000 words (1000 words per week)
  • Publish 5 blog posts

Objective: Launch newsletter (Q2)

Key Results

  • Upgrade Ghost to latest version to take advantage of newsletter support
  • After launching, do not miss one edition for the established frequency
  • Receive one subscriber who I've never met


Objective: Improve information content diet and retention (Q1)

Key Results

  • Read 5 books
  • Finish the quarter with 5 or less unread newsletter subscriptions
  • Spend 12 hours listening to educational podcast content

Objective: Improve mental health (Q1)

Key Results

  • Meditate 42 times (3.5 times per week)
  • Journal 90 times